The vision of Voice of Reason revolves around young people and the ability they have to change the world for better if they have the right mind-set and tools.
We believe that a new set of leaders must be built to proffer innovative solutions to the problems plaguing Nigeria and utilize the myriad opportunities that abound here. These leaders must have intellectual capability, the will to do what is right and the heartfelt passion to bring a new dawn to the country. Our programs are geared to cultivate these characteristics in the young people who participate, thus giving the continent a competent and trustworthy pool of leaders to choose from.
The dynamism of the young mind is another thrust of our vision: We believe that the greatest ideas on how to chart a sustainable course of progress into the future is in young minds. To bring these inspiring ideas to the fore, we offer young people around the continent a platform upon which to sharetheir unique takes on the issues that affect society at large.
We believe that dialogue and civic engagement is one of the most pivotal components when it comes to the process of decision making for progress and development across the continent. Our goal is to spread the art of oratory across the continent to country productive debates on the issues that affect Nigerians and Africans.


In furtherance of our vision, we have a number of signature programs targeted at equipping young people to fulfill their potential.
Art of Speaking is our annual open program which we invite secondary school students and young school leavers to for training on debate and public speaking. The program is aimed at ensuring that the participants imbibe the fundamentals of advocacy. Featuring accomplished orators from across the continent, participants get a diverse and thorough education of how to articulate their ideas in a persuasive manner. The goal of this is to ensure that their advocacy on issues of societal importance will be much more effective.
Apart from the annual event, we have ongoing partnerships with schools to which we provide oratory capacity building for students. Beyond helping them perform better in debate competitions, it also serves as a worthy skill for the students as they move through life and engage in other endeavours.
At the level of professional debating, our annual Masters’ Round tournament brings the crème de la crème of Nigerian debaters together to debate topical issues. Since its inception, it has come to be recognized as a top flight tournament on the continent, encouraging debaters across the country to strive for a chance to participate and providing a much-needed platform for intellectual engagement on the issues most important to Nigeria.