Though Masters Round is Nigeria’s most competitive debate tournament we at Voice of Reason are committed to the training and development of the budding greats at the art of oratory and to this end, we have earmarked 13 slots (10 for speakers and 3 for judges). These slots will be given through a competitive process and we urge all to comply strictly to the deadlines.


All who wish to participate as either speakers or judges should send a *brief* letter stating the following:



*Experience (tournaments attended & accolades received if any)

*Motivation for wanting to attend.

Send your application to:

email- and/or WhatsApp- +2348188680482 (Kofi)


N.B. Being as development is the goal, we’re most interested in understanding how such competition would benefit you and your Union and or immediate debate environment.

Applications must be submitted on or before March 7th and slots will be awarded by the 10th of March.

Please note that, once slots are awarded by March 10th, participants are expected to pay the registration fee of N4,000 latest by March 17th or they lose their slots to the next person on the waiting list.

Slot loss is irreversible, thus we advise all intending participants to ensure their schedule will permit attending the tournament and that the registration fee is available before applying.

We look forward to having y’all in the Paradise City of Calabar.