Each time I take my pen to write

I get confused as to what to write

Not because I lack what to write

But because there’s plenty I wish to write


Each time I am called upon to speak

I get excited with confusion at its peak

There’s an array of issues from which I may pick

Unfortunately, almost all of them make me sick


So today, I finally decide to break out of this mental detention

To talk about an issue that has garnered so much attention

This issue has caused so much confusion

What is it I speak of? ………….CORRUPTION

In my over two decades of existence

On this planet that we call earth

Never have I seen a disease so persistent

My leaders say corruption can be deleted

Ha ha ha. What a fallacy so committed


Their lies can be likened to a prostitute

Claiming to be a virgin before a multitude

These guys have made lying their attitude

Thinking that all of us have lost our aptitude


A war against corruption is like a war against the sun

Because you are sure to get your skin burned

Even before you finish chanting your war song


So, instead of bragging in front of television stations

Why not retire to your different workstations

And scheme ways of freeing this nation

From the firm grip of the several heads of corruption

If corruption were to be a giant tree

Then surely it must have its offspring

I am pretty sure that impunity, money laundering and bribery

Cannot be strangers in this tree’s family


Even though my leaders know this

Yet they keep acting as if it requires magic

For us to cut down their fat salaries

Thereby putting an end to their numerous acts of impunity


We heard of Professor Soludo’s masterpiece

Which was geared towards bringing peace

To the long term Naira and Dollar discrepancy

Today, the Ghanaian cedi

Has started even though slowly

Its long walk to victory


But my leaders who practice money laundering

To the extent of emptying a state’s treasury

Will never allow our dear currency

To commence its own walk to victory

Because this will drop drastically

The very high level of bribery

That is existent in my dear country


So this is my take on corruption

It is just another device of distraction

That is intended to take away our concentration

From the major bone of contention


When next your leader tells you he is battle ready for corruption

Ask him to make an official declaration

Of salaries and allowances in his possession

Tell him to cut down on the collection

Of security votes during his administration

Urge him to use his foreign connections

To put the naira and dollar in a fair competition

Let’s say NO to this deception

Let’s put an end to this Nollywood presentation

Where every Farouk, Obi and Animashaun

Will stand up to blame a faceless corruption

For his inability to end the discrimination

Between his pay and that of the other members of the population


Oh God! There’s just too much romance

Between my leaders and their banks

Father, help us to see all their pranks

These people need your deliverance


Perhaps you should knock into their heads

Very large quantities of common sense

Dear Lord, also build a thick fence

Between them and their evil friends

Who will stop at nothing else

But to gain financial independence

At the very wicked expense

Of Your children’s innocence


My name is EZE N.N.

And I just want to make a difference.



Composed by:



Twitter: @EzeNwakuba


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