The antagonism between America and Russia has only worsened. There are threats about the imminence of a war which some would disagree and declare impossible the idea. However, the growing tension between the two powers with the existence of proxy wars, hostile and aggressive foreign policies, espionage among others show an increase in tension and imminence of a war between both powers. Many pundits relate from history and term the hostility as the new cold war. This may be true but far worse as the slightest provocation would endanger the world as it may usher in a world war.
Many theories explain the antagonism demonstrated so far,from power politics and arms racing to balance of power and polarity of the world also called the super power tussle.All these theories demonstrate a real sense of struggle between these already influential states.

The challenge for most scholars is to understand the dynamics and interplay between both nations as it affect ostentatiously the position of global international politics. The American position has been to undermine the position of Russia and crown itself and her allies as the most powerful bloc or union whose dictates would rule the world. The implication of this is evident with the massive invasion of states and the control of major international bodies especially NATO and to some extent the UN and its influence in the EU. Recently, the betrayal of Ukraine a former ally of Russia to join the EU generated a lot of controversies between Russia and the world over the annexation of Crimea. America however took a strong position on this as many sanctions were levied on Russia to force her compliance. More recent is the Syrian crisis with little or no surprise to see both countries take different positions on the issue. All these and many other issues in the international arena as it regards foreign policy, human right and possession of nuclear weapons will have both states take different positions.
Russia on the other hand is infuriated by the pretentious and bullish nature of the United States wanting to control and have its way in every issue.

Russia like every nation with nuclear power and military strength believe that no nation should see itself as a super power as there is none to be declared as such including America itself. These goes beyond the theory of arms racing but mature to a balance of power contest between two bold states. Russia believes it owes no obligation to anyone on what her foreign policies stands for but holds strongly that its position cannot be intimidated or compromised. It consistently continues to grow itself in a completely aggressive manner as it is the only way to defend itself or be played out of relevance in the international system.
These positions explicitly go against the idealist position of the west on the basis of all states being rational actors in international system. It will be fair to say that Russia constantly remains a thorn in the flesh of the western bloc hook line and sinker.
In conclusion, the imminence of a war is seemingly becoming a reality for all to uphold as both Russia and America will do anything to protect their allies, territories and positions. The contradiction however is that both states will continue to cross each other’s path and whether this is good or not is a subject of academic interrogation. The imminence of a war is a thought for all to conceive, a continuous discussion for all to engage on.

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Adeagbo Adekola (Osun State University Debate Community)








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